Thursday, January 20, 2011

More of the Karl Foerster Garden




impressive stands


There seems to be interest in my posting more images of Karl Foerster's garden that I visited last summer in Potsdam, Germany. I decided to think about why I liked the garden so much and to post images that represented some of those reasons. I hit upon organization, impressive stands, color, venerability, and rhythm as a few that could be readily illustrated. The five images are posted above.


Nuno Silva said...

Thanks for sharing!
The photos are very good and the garden is in top condition, it seems every plant is grown to perfection. Most of the plants are part sun or shade lovers. Was the garden in full sun or shaded by the big trees in the background?

Ilona said...

Yes, appreciate your sharing this beautiful garden. I wish I could visit it in person, but your photos are the next bet thing :)

Vincent Dunne said...

I really enjoy all your blogs, thoughtful and interesting. I dip in every so often to catch up.
Well done.