Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Garden Hoars

An image of a hoary frost highlighting the exquisite "bones" of a garden seems to be an obligatory winter picture in English garden magazines. There are also many pictures of hoary frosts on wild gardens illustrating the winter interest of ornamental grasses and and other weather resistant perennials. Pictures of the morning dew sometimes fill the same niche.

I have always been a bit ambivalent about images of these ephemera unless I think about what they represent. While pretty in their own right I think they are representative of the wonderful emotional satisfaction of being out in the early morning garden. For me they represent the morning when everything is fresh (you, the day, the air, the light...). It is always a struggle during the week to walk through the garden to my truck in the exhilarating atmosphere of morning and drive off to work. I am grateful, however, that I have the garden setting that can evoke those exhilarating feelings. It is part of the lifestyle garden.

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